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Self Care Saturday's & Sunday's

Updated: Jun 5, 2021


We often hear about self care, but do we actually take the time to really care for self? Do you set aside a time each week to just do "you" with little to no distractions? If not you're truly missing out on one of the most rewarding parts of your life. That woosah moment can actually change the course of the following week. I'm sure you're wondering how, so allow me to explain. When you're refreshed and rejuvenated you can think clearly, your confidence is on overload, and it minimizes stress and aniexty. It also assist with your inability to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Some women have children, a family, a business and a job. So you have to learn to manage your time, and budget in self care. Put your children on a schedule, and actually stick to it. Get a little bit more organized and start taking care of yourself.

Bubble baths, walks in nature, meditation music, binaural beats, candles, sea salts, herbs, herbal tea, self grooming are all some examples of self care rituals you can adopt. But also taking a long drive listening to your favorite tunes, or laying around binge watching your favorite shows in your comfy pajamas. Whatever it is that suits your fancy, indulge yourself at least twice a month, however weekly is highly recommended.

You owe it to yourself and your family to be at 100%. And you can't possibly be operating at your greatest potential carrying around last week's drama and next week's worries.

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