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Boss Women Network 

One of The Boss Women Network's core operating tenets is promoting inclusivity in everything we do, whether it is providing mentorship, education, or celebrating productions created by voices as diverse as the society we live in. The Boss Women Network will be geared towards early to beginner to mid-career professionals looking to work in diverse areas of business (TV Production, Film Production, Fashion Shows, Photography, Art Shows, Private Business Events, Marketing, Entertainment Etc.

This internship will allow interns to deep dive into a career track of their choice. Interns will receive hands on and virtual training by The Boss Women Network and its Affiliate Partners. They will also have opportunities for mentorship and community building with BWN leaders, other interns, and within the companies that they are paired. Internship relocation and housing are not included. The internship will be non- paid and run for 3 months at a time, beginning in August of 2023.  All internships offer room for potential future paid employment opportunities. In order to Intern or Volunteer, email apply today ( Intern Positions are for College Students Only).  Apply here.

Volunteer Opportunities;


Food Drives

Toy Drives

Back to School Drives

or any BWN Community Service Events


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