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Some  women struggle with supporting or working with other women. That's why the Boss Women Network was created.


We collaborted to create the Boss Women Network. The goal is to bring liked minded women together to build strong healthy business relationships, build wealth, mentorships, friendships,  to motivate, inspire each other and our young girls from different comminuties through mentorship and by our examples.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

We represent Character and  Intergity in all of our efforts. Join the Movement!

Our Mission

Our Mission

Is for Boss Women to Network, Mentor, Share Knowledge, Develop Business Relationships, Work on Music Projects,  Movie Projects, Marketing Projects, Fashion Projects, Blogs, Create Events, Refer  Business to each other etc.., and for women who want to do nothing but be around as Support! 

"The Boss Women Network" aka (BWN)

Also if you are a Book Reader Join The Boss Women Network (Book Club)

The Goal is to bring like minded Women together through Books and Conversation while empowing each other and young girls through mentorship and by our examples. 


Our Vision

The vision for the Boss Women Network is to continue to impact women and young women as mentorship.


We will expand our network by building and creating opportunities in our communities. We plan to expand across the globe of the USA and Abroad by not only collaborating locally but collaborating globally. .



 Support Today!

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